I first had the pleasure of meeting Courtney more than 5 years ago when she was the trainer at two classes I attended with my very spirited puppy. Back then she gave us the confidence to continue on our owen and was always available for in depth advice and encouragement when we felt stuck.

Courtney came back into our lives last fall when we adopted a six month old puppy with severe insecurities and fears. Through her compassionate approach and incredible knowledge she has been able to help everyone in the household- two dogs and two human beings. Courtney is a true dog whisperer, she is in-tuned with animals and understand people and where they are coming from as well. Tellington TTouch has made a big difference in all our lives and we could not have had a better person than Courtney to guide us through some very challenging times.

We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Courtney and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs help with their animals.

Thank you Courtney for being there for us when we needed you most.
— Marianne F.
Courtney is an amazing dog trainer!

We adopted an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier. She had not been abused but probably had not been properly socialized. Our problem, and it was a big one, was that she was timid aggressive- i.e. she was afraid of everything and would go on the offensive without provocation. She had charged friends and family, both in our home and in friends’ homes. On neighborhood walks she would growl and lunge at other dogs (big or small) and their owners. And she was not much of a companion, preferring to be by herself. This was our second JRT and we knew that the breed is noted for being independent and difficult to train. Our first JRT was well trained, but we were at our wits end with this mature JRT. In the year before we met Courtney we had tried private lessons, group lessons, and many training books including some authored by Certified Behaviorists. All without much success.

Then we met Courtney. Courtney observed us and our JRT- and professionally guided us on how to be better owners of our dog. In three lessons with Courtney we had a different dog- our JRT will walk up to other dog walkers, sniff other dogs, spends more time with us, and has gone from being a nuisance and a legal risk, to being a companion.
— Laurie and Bob K.
I had the pleasure of working with Courtney and my two dogs a few weeks ago. After only a few sessions, I have more control and obedience from my dogs than I ever had. She has an obvious passion and deep knowledge for what she does. I highly recommend her!
— Steve J.
As a client we were very happy to have Courtney work with our Chihuahuas. The first time we met Courtney was 6 years ago when we first brought our pups to her for some training at PetSmart. I am so glad we had her as the trainer, they immediately loved her. When she started working with our two Chihuahuas again 6 years later they remembered her and were very happy to see her. I had certain issues with both Bella and Chloe regarding barking and reacting to strange dogs. So with Courtney’s help they made tremendous strides, which I continue to carry forward in our daily life. I would highly recommend Courtney working with anyone’s dogs/family members. She exudes patience and calmness with our dogs which leads to great results.
— Dorothy K.
We contacted Courtney to help us with our new puppymill rescue, Indigo and our aging, shy Collie mix, Scout. Having read that TTouch builds trust and can help with emotional issues as well as physical issues, we wanted to try this technique. Before our first appointment, we completed a thorough behavior form for Courtney so that she would be prepared and ensure we were a good fit with TTouch. We met three times and between each session Courtney provided detailed notes and more helpful links and resources tailored to Scout and Indigo’s needs. She went above and beyond what we were expecting to ensure we would be successful. We were all very impressed with the progress that both dogs made and continue to make. Courtney provided expert tips that were simple to follow and very effective. From the very first session we saw improvements in both dogs. Courtney is very patient and highly adaptable. Courtney showed us different techniques tailored to benefit the dogs. Scout easily falls asleep as I work on him and Indigo gets braver and spunkier after a TTouch session. I recommend TTouch under Courtney’s guidance as a worthwhile investment in your furkids.
— Sue W.